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Information About the Kits

Science for kids: The kits we stock are all about science for kids!  Each Thames & Kosmos kit comes with an manual outlining step-by-step science experiments for kids. The science kits and resources we supply are carefully chosen for educational opportunities, quality and value.   We have identified suppliers who meet these criteria and stock their products.

Thames & Kosmos Science Kits

For now, our main supplier is Thames & Kosmos, which is a company founded in 2001 by Jane Holdsworth, with the mission of improving science education by producing high-quality science education products for children of all ages. They place an emphasis on teaching concepts and skills through hands-on modelling of real-world devices and processes.

Have a look at the YouTube Video below for a quick overview of one of the Electricity and Magnetism kit by Thames & Kosmos.  Click here for more information.

Thames & Kosmos currently offer more than 60 different demonstration and science experiment kits which cover all aspects of Science, Engineering and Environmental Science.

The kits contain all that is needed for doing the outlined science experiments and include an experiment manual outlining each experiment.  The instructions in the manual include: What is needed from the kit to do the experiment, step-by-step instructions, the learning outcomes and an explanation of what the experiment demonstrated.  This allows parents/teachers/demonstrators without great knowledge of science to include science teaching successfully  at home or in the classroom.  The number of experiments outlined within a kit depends on the kit itself, some have 25 experiments, others have as more than 100 experiments (Chem C3000 has over 300).

Many of the kits can be used over and over again and are primarily targeted at primary school aged children.  A number of kits have won awards, for example: Stepping into Science (Age 5+) and Milestones in Science (Age 10+) both won awards by a UK primary school teacher’s magazine in 2012.