Water Supplies (Action for the Environment Series) Sale!

Water Supplies (Action for the Environment Series)

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A look at the most important environmental issues facing the world which encourages readers to contribute to a sustainable future.  9-14yrs

Author: Jude Welton

ISBN: 9780749669454


Product Description

Water Supplies (Action for the Environment Series).  All around the world today people are taking Action for the Environment. From small, local projects to large, global initiatives, people are finding ways to help prevent environmental damage.

This series looks at:

  • The key environmental issues
  • The solutions to the problems
  • What we can do to help

Help build the foundations for a sustainable future. Take Action for the Environment now!

Titles in the series include: Clean Air; Energy Supplies; Food For All; Protecting Habitats; Rubbish Disposal; Saving Wildlife; Transport Solutions; Water Supplies