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Let’s Eat! Children and their Food Around the World

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Take five children, one each from Thailand, South Africa, India, France and Mexico. Where does their food come from? Do they buy it or grow it themselves? Do they eat at the table, outside or in front of the television? What foods do they like and dislike? What do they eat for special festivals and celebrations?

Author: Beatrice Hollyer

ISBN: 9781845073299


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Product Description

What we eat says a lot about who we are and where we come from.
The five children in this book live in very different countries, Thailand, South Africa, India, France and Mexico, and they each have their own ideas about what tastes good.
But they have lots in common too:  they all go food shopping and help with the cooking; share mealtimes with their families; eat special foods to celebrate; and have things they love to eat and things they definitely don`t.
Packed full of colour photographs that explore the role of food in daily life – whether that means hunting for mushrooms, choosing an ice-cream or weeding the vegetable patch – Let`s Eat is a thought-provoking insight into ways of eating and living around the world.
Suitable for National Curriculum English (UK) Reading KS1 & 2; PPSHE/Citizenship KS1 & 2