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Greening School Grounds: Creating habitats for learning

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Overview of the school grounds greening movement, complete project plans & subject integration. From the editors of Green Teacher.

Authors: Grant, Tim  Littlejohn, Gail

ISBN: 9780865714366


Product Description

Greening School Grounds: Creating habitats for learning.  How can we teach students about the wonder of nature and the diversity of living things when so much of their daily outdoor experience is in schoolyards that are largely devoid of life?

Recently, teachers, administrators and parents in thousands of North American schools have begun to take a critical look at their school grounds and realise the enormous potential for transforming barren expanses of asphalt into exciting natural spaces for learning and playing. Schoolyard `greening` is an excellent way to promote hands-on, interdisciplinary learning about the environment through projects that benefit schools and increase green space and biodiversity in communities.

In Greening School Grounds, readers will find ideas for numerous schoolyard projects, from tree nurseries to school composting to native-plant gardens, along with ideas for enhancing learning by addressing the diverse needs of students. More than a dozen schoolyard habitat and garden options are presented, ranging from roof top and multicultural gardens, through desert and butterfly gardens, to ponds and prairie restorations. For project planners, there are practical tips on minimising vandalism, maximising participation, and raising funds. And for teachers, there are dozens of outdoor classroom activities and curriculum links, an annotated bibliography of learning resources, and up-to-date listings of funders and training organisations.

Packed with inspiring ideas, practical examples, photographs and extensive resources, Greening School Grounds is an essential guide for educators, project planners, parents, and students in the 21st century.

About the Editors

Tim Grant and Gail Littlejohn, both former high school teachers, are the editors of Green Teacher magazine. Published in Toronto since 1991, Green Teacher is a non-profit quarterly offering practical ideas for K-12 educators and parents who seek to foster environmental literacy and global awareness in young people.


`This comprehensive resource draws on expertise from across the continent to provide all the information you`ll need to jump into a school yard naturalisation project of your own. Grab the paper and pencils and get ready to start planning!` – Barbara McKean, Public Programs Coordinator, Royal Botanical Gardens, Hamilton, Ontario and author of several books on wildlife and wildflowers

`If you are greening a school, Greening School Grounds is an essential reference. It is wide-ranging, readable and realistic.` – Mary Rivkin, Associate Professor of Education, University of Maryland, Baltimore County and author of The Great Outdoors: Restoring Children`s Right to Play Outside

`Greening school Grounds prepares teachers to take full advantage of their schoolyards by offering advice from successful habitats for learning around North America.` – David Wicks, Coordinator, Center for Environmental Education, Jefferson County Public Schools, Louisville, Kentucky and year 2000 President, North American Association for Environmental Education

`A must have for any educator`s bookshelf` – Cheryl Dixon, Education Coordinator of the National Wildlife Federation, Northwest Natural Resource Center, Seattle, Washington