The Power House: Sustainable Living for the 21st Century kit from Thames & Kosmos is aimed at age 10+.  This kit comes with a colourful manual outlining 100 experiments which can be investigated to develop an understanding of the theories and concepts of sustainability and renewables. Each experiment is outlined in three sections: What you will need; The Experiment; and Explanation of what happened.  The manual details the experiments with colourful photography and has ‘Energy Saving Tips’ and ‘Good Advice’ nuggets throughout.

The sections in the manual cover topics such as Construction Material, Heat, The Sun as a Heat Dispenser, Electricity from Solar Energy, Energy from the Wind and Tricks that Plants use.

This experiment kit uses safe and fun experiments to help children learn how energy is obtained from renewable sources, in particular the sun.  Children will learn how to capture the sun’s heat and use it to warm water or even desalinate ocean water. Also, they will learn why and how to insulate houses against heat loss, how sunlight is converted into electricity, how wind is a useful energy source and the effects of light and water on plants.

Experiments cover topics such as:

Heat – Familiar yet Mysterious Water, Salt and Rain Light and Heat from the Sun Energy from the Wind

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The TK2 Scope: Microscope and Biology Kit by Thames & Kosmos is suggested for children from age 8+ (however, I feel anyone looking for a strong introduction to biology and microscopes would enjoy and benefit from it). It is a quality, sturdy, metal and plastic microscope with magnification 4X, 10X and 40X.  It comes with all you need to get started with using a microscope including: pre-prepared slides, blank slides, cover slips, optical lens paper, a scalpel, dissecting needle, pipette, petri dish, blue and red stain, a microscope cover and an amazing 48 page manual outlining 25 experiments.

The manual is easy to read, colourful, and starts at the very basics of rules for safe experimentation and microscope use. The ‘very basics’ theme of the manual includes sections on ‘How to Clean your Microscope’ and ‘How to Place an Object Under the Microscope’, all detailed in a very reader-friendly, yet scientific way. Nothing is left out, and no prior knowledge is assumed.  Click here  to view some sample pages of the manual.

The microscope has two light settings and so can be used as either a magnifier or a microscope. How to use either setting is detailed in the manual.

Have a look at the quick video below!

Experiments covered include:

Simple preparations of animal and plant cells. Absorption and water transport in plant cells The structure of leaves and tasks of the tissues How to study wings, legs and mouth-parts!

Overall, it’s a strong ‘real’ microscope which will definitely enthuse any budding biologist.

The TK2: Microscope and Biology Kit is a Parents Choice Silver Award Winner!

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